Man Claims Sick Leaflet Came From Manchester Bomber’s Mosque


Liberals claiming the Western world needs to understand the motives of the terrorists who attack it need look no further than the television screens of the United Kingdom.

An audience member on the BBC political show “Question Time” on Thursday claimed that Didsbury Mosque, the mosque attended by the terrorist responsible for last week’s attack in Manchester, England, gave him material denouncing the immorality of the Western world.

Although the Manchester killer, Salman Abedi, and his actions have been totally condemned by the Didsbury Mosque, as the U.K. Express reports, even the possibility of the mosque having fostered hostility to its host country is a major concern.


In the video below, one of the audience members shows the rest of those present what he claimed to have receive from the mosque.

“Direct from Didsbury Mosque, this is a leaflet that I was given on an open day,” he said according to the Express.


“This says: ‘Living in a society in which people have accepted Western lifestyle as their way of life brings immorality at every step. Modesty, shame and honor have no place in Western civilization.’”

That’s a major claim, and the audience was appropriately disquieted.

However, a woman in the show shot back, saying that she has attended the same mosque for decades without any sort of extremist influence.

“It’s a very multi-cultural community,” she said. “It’s a mosque that invites women in, men in, people of all faiths and nationalities.”


She said she didn’t know where the leaflet came from, but the mosque’s director of trustees, Muhamed El-Khayat, seemed to think he knew where the propaganda came from — a member of the public not officially affiliated with the mosque.

“We do not radicalize people,” he said according to Express. “This place is open all the time. Our doors are always open. People do bring leaflets and drop them off. If you were to come in at a quieter time you would really have to look for someone to talk to.

“We’re aware of this. So we do go round and check. The people who distribute the leaflets are not regulars to the mosque.”

Whether or not they “go round and check” or not, they’re not doing enough if there’s a chance that these leaflets are radicalizing people. They’re just not.

Regardless of whether the pamphlet originated with the mosque’s leaders, or just a member of its community, it explained the motives of the Islamic terrorists pretty clearly. Radical Islamic terrorists believe the West is inherently immoral, and honor has no place in it.

Radicalization has to be fought, and it has to be prevented. Reactionary, passive action isn’t going to do it.

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